Hello, My name is Dylan Roberts. This is my website. 

I have a collection of my works on here to show my proficiency at photography in Travel, Candid Family Moments, Live Music and Portraiture. Feast your eyes!

I'm an avid photographer with dreams of making a living with a camera in hand and have been imagining my future career as a photographer since secondary school. One of my peers brought in their DSLR camera and I was so fascinated with the imagery you could capture and create with one of these cameras that I was hooked on this art form.

I had a great education during my time at the University of South Wales, Newport; I began on the ‘Photography Art’ course for a year and found I wasn’t getting enough of the right education for the commercial industry so found myself better suited on the course, 'Photography for Fashion & Advertising’. I felt that I could still explore my creativity with Art and still find ways to integrate it into the commercial aspects of photography. 

My tutors and lecturers were still active photographers which really helped give me insight into the business and relationships sides of being a Professional Photographer. I excelled working collaboratively and enjoyed taking on a mentoring role in being helpful and informative to my peers. There were styles of photography I leaned towards, a Hybrid of Documentary, BTS and Lifestyle. Editorial Portraiture and Still Life are two types of photography I got a taste for in university but really want to gouge my teeth in the professional environment